Mission communities

FAQs about Mission Communities

So what is a Mission Community?

Mission Communities are church within the church. They help us to live in relationship with God, with each other and with new friends in the neighbourhood. These three relationships – God, the Church and the World – form the foundational relationships of our discipleship journey with Jesus.

How do they help me to do that?

Each Mission Community has 20-50 people – small enough to know everyone but big enough to accomplish great work together. These groups meet to serve in the neighbourhood, socialize and eat together and to worship Jesus. These people become “our” people – those who know us, love us, challenge us and help us to become more like Jesus.

How do these Mission Communities get started?

As members of one group begin to sense a calling from Jesus to a new way of serving the neighbourhood those people pray, identify their vision, figure out what gifts and passions they can contribute and then launch a new Mission Community with the love and support of all of Hub.

How do I get connected to a Mission Community?

Each Mission Community will have a mission focus i.e. families, arts community, homeless, students or even a particular street. Either contact a group you feel is doing something your are passionate about or join one that is local to you and see where God leads you.

When do Mission Communities meet?

Each group sets its own schedule. In general each group gathers to worship once a week, to eat together twice a month and to serve during the month according to the needs of the neighbours they are serving.

So do you ever have a church service?

Each Mission Community worships together 3 Sundays a month. These gatherings will be in the communities they are serving. One Sunday a month all of Mission Communities will join together for a Celebration. Celebration is our time to share what God is doing amongst us and celebrate it. This celebration is a time for praise, prayer, teaching, testimony and communion.