What’s next?

This coming week we will be starting a book study after our morning, all-age worship. The book is called:
The Invitation: Transforming the Heart through Desire Fulfilled by Tony Stolzfus.

So often discipleship is presented to us as a behaviour modification discipline. This comes from the misguided understanding that to get God to bless us we need to be good people. The gospel of “being good” is about trying to become a child of God by good works. The gospel of Christ, on the other hand, is about restoration as a child of God by Christ’s goodness. This difference, between the gospel of good and the gospel of grace, is the difference between a life of shame, guilt and striving to be good enough to be child of God and a life of freedom, healing and confidence in the already-given identity of a child of God. In one, we try with our will power and discipline to be worthy of the things we desire most. In the other, we receive the invitation into Covenant relationship and discover that, in Christ, we receive that which we desire most.

In this study, expect to be invited into relationship with God through his grace and favour. The journey will take us deep into our motivations and desires. It is my prayer that the study will also take us deep into God’s grace.

If you would like to join in, please call Rev Jennifer Wickham on 613-851-3016 or email hubottawa@gmail.com.

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